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LOCATION: Old Police Cells Museum, Town Hall, Bartholomew Square, Brighton, BN1 1JA
TIME: 8.00pm to 1.00am


About The old Police Cells Museum, Brighton


Close to the Brighton Pier, the Old Police Cells Museum is housed in the basement of Brighton Town Hall and can be found between East Street, Prince Albert Street, Black Lion Street and Kings Road, behind the Jury's Inn Hotel.


Brighton Borough Police Force was unique in several ways. It was and still is, the only force where an incumbent Chief Constable was murdered. (Henry Solomon, murdered whilst interviewing a suspected thief John Lawrence, in 1844). The Town Hall was built in 1832  on ground which in the 13th century, was the market garden, tended by monks, forming part of St Bartholomews Priory. There is still a fresh water, brick lined well, within the Town Hall. In 1514, French raiders attacked the Sussex coast and burnt St. Bartholomew’s Priory to the ground, killing and butchering all the inhabitants in the process. So, not only are there stories of the ghosts of Henry Solomon, the murdered monks, but also, in the eighteen hundreds, the son of the caretaker who apparently fell to his death in the foyer.

 from Old Police Cells Museum website


As you descend to the sub-basement beware - the steps are steep and worn by decades of hob nail boots. It was a place for law and order and a place of murder and revenge - what lurks in the shadows? Deranged murders, villains, thieves or the forgotten of society? All have passed through these cells, but which ones have decided to stay?



The Lanes Car Park can be accessed from Kings Road and Black Lion Street.

Churchill 1 and Churchill 2 car parks are well within walking distance.


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