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Ghost Hunt at Langney Priory, 23rd November 2019
35.00 GBP

LOCATION: Langney Priory, Etchingham Road, Eastbourne. BN22 7DU
DATE: Saturday 23rd November 2019
TIME: 8.00pm to 1.00am


About Langney Priory, Eastbourne


Eastbourne's OLDEST building

Exclusive to Sussex Darkside.


Built on the ruins of a Roman Villa, this tiny priory was almost demolished in the 1950s by Eastbourne Borough Council but, saved by its owner and The Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings of Rural Britain.


Formerly known as Langney Grange, the gorgeous, tiny chapel with priest's room above date from sometime before 1121 and the additional rooms and building works from various times from the sixteenth century onwards. Around 1537, the monks and servants of Langley Priory were set adrift as monastries and monastic houses were dissolved by order of Henry the Eighth.


Since then the Priory has seved as a farm and then as a private dwelling, although the chapel was re-dedicated in 1953 by the Bishop Bell and reused as a church for the first time in 411 years, serving the local community until St Richard's nearby was built in 1957.


And talking of St Richard - we have been told by the owner of the property that St Richard, like many other travelling clergy, is said to have stayed there at some point.


From the British Listed Buildings website entry, there are hints that the Priory could have been involved in smuggling during its past.


In terms of hauntings, this venue has never been investigated before but, again from the current owner, we have been told of a ghostly muse that helped his uncle, Roderic Fenwick-Owen (renouned writer, adventurer and official poet to the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi) with his writing in the priest room above the chapel.

Sussex Darkside have visited the venue and on we were able to pick up strong EMF in several rooms and got possible orbs in three photographs.


We are incredibly excited to be allowed EXCLUSIVE entry to this gorgeous property, with agreement from both the owner and the current tenant.


Please note that the chapel and it's entry room are consecrated and therefore you will NOT be allowed to use a spirit board (ouija) at this property.


Parking: Please do NOT park on the venue grounds.  The Priory is in a built-up, residential area and there is free on-street parking all around but please do be respectful of the residents that live in the area and try to park thoughtfully.



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