2014 Halloween Extravaganza !

Our thanks to the 105 guests who attended one of our 4 events at Michelham Priory over Halloween, making it our best Halloween ever! Our staff really enjoyed every minute and feel very grateful that so many people joined us for this wonderful time of year!



Michelham Priory


Michelham Priory is an 13th Century Manor House surronded by a medival moat.

Dare you walk around one of most haunted building in the UK! 




The Royal


The Royal Hippodrome Theatre is the oldest theatre in Eastbourne. Wander threw the dark and stand where the great once stood on this creepy ghost walk


Ghost Walks


Walk around

the darkness with one ghoslty guides and listen to a host of terrifiying, teeth chattering stories of gasts and monsters and murders.






Ghost Hunts



Spend a night in one of our eidolic venues and search for the supernatural. 









- NEWS -

*** New equipment added to our ghost hunt kit! A Lazar pattern creator, and new electro-static sensors are now added to our list of equipment that you can use on one of our Ghost Hunts! ***



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